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CEO Edition – June 2024
Influencing the Shape of Missions
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CEO John Dallmann on the state of EMI around the world


EMI is a Christian non-profit made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers who value Design, Discipleship, and Diversity.

“People restored by God and the world restored through design.”

Since 1982, our worldwide mission is to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the Church—facilities like hospitals, schools, water systems, and more.

Together, we are designing a world of hope.

From the CEO

John Dallmann John Dallmann

CEO & President of EMI

Over the last 12 years as CEO, I’ve been amazed to see God use EMI to influence the shape of missions.

We’re now a group of over 200 architects, engineers, and construction managers working in 11 countries.

We are seeing schools, hospitals, ministry centers, and water systems constructed in some of the most under-resourced corners of the globe.

It’s humbling to lead EMI and God has blessed us to make an impact in advancing His Kingdom.

John Dallmann

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Whether at your desk or overseas, you can be a change-maker too. Join us in Colorado Springs, USA for a weekend this September as we explore how together. Registration is now open!

WASH Webinars

We’re Growing Globally to build a Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programme at EMI. Catch up on training webinars and register for the July webinar on Community Engagement at

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Andrea Hestvik
Andrea Hestvik

Part-Time Staff Architect

  • Verse: Matthew 25:21
  • Birthplace: Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Joined EMI: 2022
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While on maternity leave during the pandemic, I found myself wondering how EMI Canada was navigating disruptions to international travel.

On a trip to Haiti in 2015, I experienced firsthand how effectively an EMI project team can serve a ministry. God blessed and multiplied the time and talents offered by professional volunteers.

I wondered, ‘Could we do that here in Canada?’

That thought wouldn’t go away, so I reached out to EMI. They were thinking the same thing.

In 2022, we led EMI Canada’s first domestic pilot project, serving a children’s ministry in Kamloops, BC. Shortly afterward, I joined EMI as part-time staff, offering time between professional and family commitments.

It’s been a joy to start serving ministries in Canada, from coast to coast.

Daniel Phin
Daniel Phin

Engineering Fellow

  • Verse: Psalm 23:1-3
  • Birthplace: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Joined EMI: 2023
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Right after graduating as Civil Engineer in 2019, my close friend and I started a design and consultancy business together.

Though we decided to close last year, I learned valuable skills from different architects and engineers, working on small residential to large commercial or government projects.

God open another door for me when I joined EMI in June 2023 as a Project Manager.

After a year with EMI, God showed me love and support through friends and colleagues. I am excited to continue learning and growing my spiritual life, working with incredible people within EMI.

With my vocation as a Project Manager and engineer, I’m part of this team serving the Kingdom of God here in Cambodia and in Southeast Asia.

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Influencing the Shape of Missions, Lead — John Dallmann, P.E. has been the CEO of EMI since 2012. God has used John's background in Civil Engineering consulting, his work in the Christian non-profit development sector, and his over 15 years of missionary experience in Africa to lead and to bless EMI. John and his wife Gala live in Monument, CO, USA.

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