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December 2020
The Girl with a Thousand Questions
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Discipleship through fellowship at EMI Uganda


EMI is a Christian non-profit made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers who value Design, Discipleship, and Diversity.

“People restored by God and the world restored through design.”

Since 1982, our worldwide mission is to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the Church—facilities like hospitals, schools, water systems, and more.

Together, we are designing a world of hope.

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Jorge Aguero Jorge Aguero

EMI Nicaragua Staff Architect

The recent events have taught us that trials are God’s raw material for building hope in us. So we hold on, we pray, and we listen.

As we stand in the present and gaze into the coming year for EMI in Latin America, we are filled with fresh hope.

The local response in Mexico to a future EMI office is an example of God’s hand at work. We rejoice with encouragement when we realize that our Lord has already been preparing this path for us. 

With a list of Christian local professionals and ministries interested in knowing more about EMI Mexico, we hold on to God’s promises, we pray for expatriate professionals to join the team, and we listen for guidance and clarity.

We are full of hope as we begin exploring scenarios for an EMI Mexico launch.

Jorge Aguero

Help EMI navigate the COVID-19 storm!

Myanmar project trip to Arkansas

EMI continues to maneuver and adjust around COVID—in October, a small EMI USA team traveled to Arkansas, USA for a design consultation on a Myanmar healthcare project with virtual and in-person client representatives. EMI Nicaragua staff hosted a virtual project trip to a project in Panama the same month.

Celebrating Fellowship at EMI!

Now into the second year, the EMI Fellowship programme has 11 fellows! These women and men from five nationalities are serving with five EMI teams. In 2021, Fellowships will expand to three more EMI locations as fellows rotate into different teams. We thank God for this exciting, diverse growth!

2021 project travel hopes

Recent staff international trips to Kenya, Ethiopia, and a domestic trip to a client site in India are the first hopeful signs for the return of project travel in 2021. Team trips to Panama, Haiti, Mali, and Mexico are on EMI's docket for next quarter, contingent on pandemic circumstances. Browse opportunities at:

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Yeseul Kim
Yeseul Kim

Intern Architect

  • Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  • Profession: Architecture
  • Internship: EMI MENA, 2020
  • Verse: Joshua 3:5
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First of all, thank you to the EMI MENA family. Though I lacked many things, they gave me a chance to work at EMI and were good mentors and teachers.

I still remember the excitement of the day we had the telephone interview, and the word God gave me: "Consecrate yourself, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you” – Joshua 3:5 

I can't say the pandemic did not cause me confusion and fear. We were able to complete our projects through systematic handling of the situation, including wearing masks and using disinfectants. We worked in small groups and at home and our team devotions became more colorful through YouTube praise video sharing.

I returned to Korea hoping to join another internship at EMI Cambodia, but that opportunity closed due to COVID.

Now I'm praying and preparing for the next step. I want to go with a clean heart before God, who guides and governs all our moments.

Chamonix Roets
Chamonix Roets

Intern Architect

  • Birthplace: Krugersdorp, South Africa
  • Profession: Architecture
  • Internship: EMI South Africa, 2020
  • Key Verse: Ephesians 3:19
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2020, I can honestly say, has been a highlight year for me. There’s nothing ordinary about the environment that is EMI South Africa.

There is a unity here that can only be described as being one in spirit. The love each member has from abiding in the Lord overflows toward one another. That unity in spirit can be experienced beyond the office walls.

Therefore, despite COVID and isolation having its tough moments, the office family made those moments so much more bearable. At times, there were powerful moments of deep challenge through daily devotionals and individual connections. Yes, even over the dreaded screen.

Some of those conversations deeply challenged my thinking about what the engagement of the church looks like in our country with its legacy of injustice. This during a time where we could easily become very inward-focused.

Conversations that might have seemed insignificant to the people I was talking to have led to a big alteration in my way of living. I am excited to see where the Lord will take this.

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The Girl with a Thousand Questions — Hedina Angom is a civil engineering fellow at EMI Uganda. A member of EMI's first-ever Fellowship cohort, she will be rotating to serve with EMI South Africa in mid-2021. Hedina lives in Kajjansi, Uganda.

Lead — Jorge Aguero is an architect who sees enormous potential for EMI's ministry to grow in his home country of Mexico. Jorge was based in Managua with the EMI Nicaragua team until COVID in mid-2020 when the Aguero family moved back home to Ensenada, Mexico.

Diversity, Funding, and the Future of EMI — EMI Global staff. Established in 2013, EMI Global exists to empower, advise, and give direction to EMI worldwide in order to carry out the vision and mission of the ministry.

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