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EMI in Numbers 2020

A review of the past year in people, projects, and finances

EMI’s people in 2020

John Breitenstein

A word from John Breitenstein, EMI Global HR Director

EMI hasn’t been immune to the invasive challenges of 2020. But we have been able to adapt and continue forward in large part because we are with each other, and because God is with us and is our strength and refuge and hope.

And God continues to grow the people of EMI, both in the encouraging number of staff and others who’ve joined our ranks, but also in the refining of our faith and of how we carry out the mission.

In 2020, our 158 Staff carried out EMI’s mission from 10 Locations worldwide.


EMI’s People, 2020. Tap to replay.
*For EMI, “Local” means individuals whose origin nationality matches the country where the EMI project and team are located.

It’s EMI's people that make this significant labor tangible and wholehearted: our volunteers, and interns, and staff—and those who uphold us in prayer, giving, service, and encouragement for the inevitable & substantial obstacles.

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EMI’s projects in 2020

John Sauder

A word from John Sauder, EMI Global Programmes Director

In the face of unexpected travel and operational challenges over the past year, God has opened new doors for EMI to grow in its project engagement around the world.

Across 2020, EMI was involved in 107 Active Projects in 28 Countries.

Whether supporting the medical response to the pandemic, exploring new opportunities for North American projects, or connecting remote designers across three continents, EMI teams have responded with innovation to the current needs of our ministry partners.


EMI’s Projects, 2020. Tap to replay.

These adaptations have stretched us. But they have also positioned us to be more prepared and receptive as God leads us into new ways of serving communities and the Church in the years ahead.

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EMI’s finances in 2020

Jason Reinhardt

A word from Jason Reinhardt, EMI Global Finance Director

In the middle of March 2020, tremendous uncertainty set in as we assessed how EMI could financially survive. EMI relies on the ability to travel around the world and the generosity of donors to be financially sustainable.

As leadership, we put our trust in God as our Rock and Savior, and then immediately went to work to create a Financial Impact Committee to help us strategically navigate this storm. Through this group, we refined our processes, pivoted our methods during the pandemic, and re-envisioned our ministry for greater impact.


EMI’s Finances, 2020. Tap to replay.
For EMI USA, Volunteer Hours are valued to calculate the Contributed Services portion of EMI Income.*

As a whole, EMI was blessed by the generous outpouring of our donors to help us not only survive the hurdles of the pandemic, but also thrive by preparing for even greater ministry in the coming years.


Women talking outside a house

EMI in Numbers, 2020

*Compared with 2019, the Contributed Services portion of EMI Income has taken a temporary dip due to our volunteers’ inability to travel overseas on EMI project trips in 2020.

People and Projects information includes all EMI locations.

Financial information was compiled from audited financial statements or official statements of accounts. The following 10 EMI teams were included:

EMI Cambodia • EMI Canada • EMI Global • EMI India • EMI MENA • EMI Nicaragua • EMI Senegal • EMI Uganda • EMI UK • EMI USA

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  • Graphics & Animations: Emma Wingerd & Anna Seeley
  • Editor: MJC
  • Published: 15-June-2021

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