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Growing Through Adversity

CEO John Dallmann on the state of EMI around the world

The emotional and economic fallout of the pandemic has been tough. Yet, with Jesus anchored tightly as our center and despite the adversity, EMI is looking to grow and advance the Gospel.

Let me share about a few of our teams:

India: The adversity is nowhere more real than in India right now. Some of our worst pandemic fears have become a reality, and Delhi was hit badly. I’m so proud of our India team’s fortitude and perseverance! They have faced weeks of lockdown and staff have battled through moderate cases of Covid. They have really pushed through and held firm to the mission of EMI. And they are on the brink of great growth and success. Please join us in praying for India and our team in Delhi.

Global: EMI’s Leadership Development programme started last month with a cohort of 17 staff from around our offices! Leadership development is key in the coming years if we are to truly become a diverse staff. Seeing this finally take root is very exciting—I believe it will bring dividends for many years.

John and Gala at Moses' wedding
Gala & I with Moses and Megan. We’ve known Moses from our years in Cameroon in the ’90s, and now Moses is a Construction Manager on our Senegal team.
John and Gala with a ministry partner
Gala & I praying with an EMI ministry partner that we visited.

Senegal: Earlier this year, Gala & I spent a great month in Senegal—not only for Moses’ and Megan’s wedding, but also to see what life is like. Our team has overcome many obstacles since launching in 2016. But now they are starting to find their stride. Client ministries are starting to see the impact that EMI can have. Local and expat engineers and architects are expressing interest in joining staff. God is definitely on the move in West Africa. We prayed with them and for them, we encouraged them to dream big because we have a Big God!

Jorge with Phil and Olivia
Left to Right: Phil & Olivia Iekel, Jorge Aguero. The Iekels joined Jorge in Mexico in April for a project trip. These great EMI leaders are positioning to grow EMI in Latin America—it’s an exciting time! Photo by MJC, Mexico

Mexico Launch: I continue to be impressed with the opportunity for EMI in Mexico. We have a role to play in supporting the Mexican church in missions, and we can’t wait to get going. Several of us from EMI Global will be heading to Mexico for a survey trip and determine the location of an office. We still really need an expatriate Civil Engineer and Architect to join the launch team. It is exciting to see EMI expand its reach and make disciples in Mexico! Get involved—contact us at

USA: WASH (Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation) is a new growth area for EMI that God is blessing. The big kick off for the Alaska project is this week in Anchorage. This effort will not only grow EMI’s capacity to do WASH but will also meet some very real needs for water and sanitation in western, rural Alaska. Two new EMI staff from Alaska have come onboard for this 3-year grant project targeting underserved communities. I believe EMI has a role to play in WASH projects around the world, and God has given us a tremendous opportunity in Alaska.

Illustration of insulation performance Temperature graph

R&D work in Uganda informs design. These diagrams are results of a study on insulation performance of roof construction. We need to do more of this, and Growing Globally 2021 will build our capacity. Exhibits courtesy of EMI Uganda

Uganda: Years ago, the team started a Construction Workshop as an experiment—now they couldn’t do without it. Last month, the Workshop team fabricated their first long-span roof system with a set of five trusses with purlins, hardware, etc. for an airplane hangar in South Sudan. Their latest experiment—the Research & Development Lab—I’m sure will prove just as essential in time. Give to Growing Globally this year to build our capacity for R&D in Uganda!

In difficult times, it is easy to pull in, glide, or feel faint of heart. Yet Christ’s love compels us to “…press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me [or us] heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14, NIV, bracket text added)

That is why we are pushing ahead to establish EMI in Mexico and to see the Research & Development Lab completed in Uganda. And to advance the Gospel to the remotest corners on earth!

About the banner: In April, an EMI Senegal partner ministry got only mud and broken pipes with two well-drilling attempts. On the 3rd attempt, 97 metres down, they hit a tremendous reservoir of water. Praise God for provision and endurance through adversity! Photo by Moses Clark.

What is Growing Globally? - John Dallmann, CEO of EMI

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