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September 2021
Ministry director with the EMI team

Getting ready for growth in Latin America


EMI is a Christian non-profit made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers who value Design, Discipleship, and Diversity.

“People restored by God and the world restored through design.”

Since 1982, our worldwide mission is to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the Church—facilities like hospitals, schools, water systems, and more.

Together, we are designing a world of hope.

EMI News

Henry Watts Henry Watts

Director of EMI USA

At EMI USA this past month, we’ve been getting ready for lots of things—new projects, new staff & interns, and the move to a new office building!

For the first time in our nearly 40-year history, we have purchased a building campus in Colorado Springs! Next month, we’ll start moving into our new home.

Yet in the midst of this move, our ministry continues with healthcare projects in Gabon and Ethiopia, water projects in Alaska and Zambia, and a response to the earthquake and tropical storm in Haiti. We’re also in the final stages of preparing for our Network Conference in Nashville.

So, join with us! Whether on a project, at the conference, or through prayer and giving.

Help EMI get ready for all the good works God has prepared for us to do.

Henry Watts

Join us in Nashville this October

EMI USA Network Conference 2021

Join us in Nashville on 14-16 October for the EMI Network Conference—an in-person and livestream event. Check out the schedule and register at:

Haiti Earthquake Response

EMI’s first responder team has returned after three weeks conducting shelter and rapid structure assessments after the earthquake. A second team will head to Haiti at the end of the month. Visit the Haiti Response page.

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Randy with school kids in Guatemala


Ian Ebersole & Vannlydeth Chen
Ian Ebersole & Vannlydeth Chen

EMI Cambodia Structural Engineers

  • Birthplace: Virginia Beach, VA USA | Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Joined EMI: 2017 | 2018
  • Verse: 1 John 3:16-18 | 1 Thessalonians 5:18
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When Ian joined the EMI Cambodia team in 2017, the level of demand for structural engineering by Christian ministries was surprising. As Southeast Asia urbanizes, increasing density and economics drives many ministries to multi-story buildings on small properties. Ian quickly found his hands full.

In 2018, Lydeth was our first engineering intern while he completed university. One year later, Lydeth decided to develop his skills in structural engineering, working together with Ian to design a wide variety of structures.

In three years, EMI Cambodia has blended local methods and international best practices to complete detailed design of 24 major structures, 10 of which are already constructed—and more on the way!

Together, Ian and Lydeth are enthusiastically applying their skills to design constructible, safe, and affordable facilities. The need for structural engineers continues—in Cambodia and around the world. Join us in using your skills to serve!

Valerie Rubombora
Valerie Rubombora

Architecture fellow

  • Birthplace: Kampala, Uganda
  • Joined EMI: 2019
  • Verse: Psalm 5:11-12
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After an incredible time of growth while an Intern in 2014, I was blessed that God brought an opportunity to once again be a part of EMI’s story through the Fellowship programme.

As a fellow, I am blessed to be sent to EMI Senegal till the end of the year. From the largest office to one of EMI’s smallest, I have felt the spirit of family that I appreciated in Uganda strongly here.

A journey of over 15 hours with stops in Addis, Bamako, and Dakar has opened my mind up to an entirely different Sub-Saharan Africa than I could have conceived:

Different languages, building styles, religious perceptions, histories and great food! Uganda is a Christian-majority nation while Christians are a small minority in Senegal.

In this landscape, stories of material poverty and religious oppression can be heartbreaking. However, every sliver of God’s work here fills me with great hope.

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Lead — Henry Watts has been on staff with EMI since 2004, serving as a staff engineer & project leader, as an on-site construction manager in Jordan and in Kenya, and currently as EMI USA Director since 2017. Henry and his wife Erika live with their three kids in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

¡Prepárate! — Jorge Agüero is a licensed architect who joined staff with EMI Nicaragua in Managua in 2018. Since returning to Mexico, Jorge has been preparing to lead the EMI Mexico launch team. Jorge and his wife Gilda live with their two children in Ensenada, B.C., Mexico.

¡Prepárate! — Phil Iekel is a structural engineer-in-training serving as the Director of EMI Nicaragua. After a number of staff transitions, Phil and his wife Olivia are preparing to lead a new team of staff in early 2022 in Managua, Nicaragua.

What more can I do, Lord? — Randy Larsen joined EMI in 2001 after serving as an intern, helping to start EMI in Guatemala and in Middle East | North Africa as Director in 2009. Now in the USA, he helps train and prepare new EMI staff for the mission field and the journey of support raising. Randy and his family live in Ellensburg, WA, USA.

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