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Civil Engineer professional mentor

Investing Your Experience

A new pathway for investing your professional skills at EMI

“I’d love to have someone who could just give me some backup when we take on a challenging project…”

— Staff Civil Engineer, 33 years old, 10 years’ professional experience, joined EMI India 2021.

We are actively seeking professional mentors in a variety of technical and non-technical disciplines.

As EMI has grown, young professionals around the world have responded to God's call to use their professions in mission.

These individuals are hungry to learn from the career experiences of the many seasoned professionals in the EMI Network.

Architect Professional Mentor with other architects

“The architects on the team are talented. They just need mentors to guide and coach them since Cambodia lost their older generation of professionals in the Khmer Rouge.”

— Architect Professional Mentor, 48 years old, 19 years’ professional experience.

On one hand, it’s exciting that each EMI team has a cohort of young professionals engaged in project work. EMI’s design staff now number just over 100—with an average age of 34 and an average of just under 9 years’ professional experience.

These people are the future of EMI.

On the other hand, the technical needs of ministries around the world continue to press these design staff beyond their years of experience or into areas of specialist expertise.

Additionally, many senior EMI staff with a background in design have moved into critical leadership or management roles to enable EMI’s growth.

Team on a project trip in discussion

“I’d ask an experienced architect to help me grow into the project manager role of leading design teams and interacting directly with our clients.”

— Staff Architect, 29 years old, 3 years’ professional experience, joined EMI Cambodia 2021.

On the field looking at plans

“I love EMI and project trips are some of my best memories. I think I have a lot of valuable technical, leadership, and personal experience to share.”

— Structural Engineer Project Volunteer, 45 years old, 18 years’ professional experience.

Originally and traditionally, EMI addressed this gap in design expertise and design staff through project trip volunteering.

There are thousands of seasoned professionals in the EMI Network who have stepped into mission with EMI through this model. It continues to be an important pathway to ‘go’ with EMI.

But though this project volunteer model has adapted as EMI has grown in locations and size, and as project timelines & technical needs have changed, it’s just not enough.

Team working during a project

“I am retired so I’m a bit more flexible with my time. I recently had the pleasure to interact with one of EMI South Africa's interns. 

“Now I am trying to figure out how I can help out more. I can travel some, but don't want to move.”

— Civil Engineer Project Volunteer, 59 years old, 25 years’ professional experience.

Now, EMI has opened a new pathway for investing in our worldwide design staff.

Our desire is to engage volunteer professionals in the mission of EMI more broadly—making space for in-depth involvement beyond projects.

We want to go farther to bring designers from the EMI Network into discipleship both professionally and spiritually by engaging in professional mentoring.

Professional mentors are paired with EMI staff asking for support in specific areas.

Architect volunteer on a project

“I’ve served with EMI on six trips and I understand God's calling for me to mentor young leaders at EMI. 

“In my experience, making a personal connection and spending time together is so important.”

— Architect Project Volunteer, 63 years old, 38 years’ professional experience.

Ideally, mentors will travel once on a project trip or office visit to get to know the staff member mentee. Afterward, professional mentoring continues remotely, for a period of regular meetings.

Though mentoring engagements will shape up differently, we want them all to make space for a personal connection that motivates targeted professional development.

Come, invest yourself in the future of EMI!

  • Banner: Civil Engineer volunteer Liz Wunderlich works with early career designers in Malawi.
  • Above: Architect volunteer David Troast comes alongside younger designers in Mexico.

Whether you’re an experienced architect, engineer, construction manager, or other skilled professional, there’s a staff member at EMI that wants to learn from your experience.

Learn more and contact EMI today!

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