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EMI Uganda celebrating 20 years

Reflections of Hope

CEO John Dallmann on the state of EMI around the world

Over 200 architects, engineers, and construction managers now work at EMI offices in 11 countries.

We are influencing the shape of missions around the world and making impact in every corner of the globe.

Our growing influence for Christ is reflected in our technical work. But more importantly, it is reflected in our people:

Middle East | North Africa: It is bittersweet for us to say goodbye to the Seefeldt family, who have served in the region for 11 years. Josh and Sarah have had an incredible impact on our MENA team.

Seefeldt family

As Director since 2017, Josh’s passion for the staff, his desire for excellence and his deep thinking have helped shape our ministry in the region. And Sarah’s member care activities in mentoring, counseling, and discipleship have been a blessing to many who have been part of their lives.

They will be deeply missed!

Please join me in praying blessings over their family as they begin another cross-cultural life transition in the coming days.

Cambodia: It was so special for Gala and I to visit Cambodia and cruise the Mekong with the team as they celebrated their 5-year anniversary in April!

We are all amazed by what God has done to establish this team in a relatively short time.

Cambodia team on a boat

They are living into the professional skills training that is so needed in the country, and doing it in a way that exhibits our Discipleship core value.

Thank you God for our first five fruitful years in Cambodia and we look forward to many more!

20 Years, EMI Uganda

Uganda: Speaking of anniversaries, EMI Uganda is celebrating 20 years this year!

This is our largest staff team and from design to construction to fabrication, they are busy giving a full expression to what EMI can be in a local context.

EMI Uganda Board members
20 year celebrations

It isn’t easy to stay united when there is so much happening and there are always challenges.

But when we look back across 20 impactful years and recognise God’s steady faithfulness, we have so much to celebrate!

United Kingdom: Something else to celebrate is a new EMI UK Director from Northern Ireland!

Stephen Douglas is now retired from the architecture practice he started in Belfast in 1986.

I appreciate Stephen jumping in with both feet and the efforts he is making to get to know EMI and our UK network.

He shared with me that ‘creating awareness of EMI’ was one of his main priorities. That is spot on, as so many engineers and architects aren’t aware we exist.

And special thanks to the EMI UK Board, chaired by Rob Johnson!

They made extra efforts to support EMI UK and its internationally-mobilised staff to fill the gap during the leadership transition.

Leadership training group

Leadership Training: Another big milestone we’ve crossed is EMI Leadership Training, which was a critical need at EMI.

Since 2018, members of our Global team—especially HR Director John Breitenstein and HR Deputy Director Brittany Coulbert Adams—designed and implemented a leadership model and training programme tailor-fit to EMI.

Thanks also to a grant investing in EMI’s people, we’ve now graduated our third cohort of staff.

As we pause this effort for a few years, I’m excited to see how God blesses His work through these leaders!

Growing Globally: Each year, we look around EMI to identify projects that will build EMI’s capacity for ministry and filter that down to our top priority.

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In 2016, you gave to Growing Globally to launch EMI Cambodia. We recognized a unique opportunity to develop young professionals there.

Now the team has grown to nearly 30 staff. It’s time to put down roots in the capital city, Phnom Penh, which is the hub of the design and construction industry.

When we commit to being in a place long-term, we have seen God open new pathways for growth and influence.

As we build a permanent home for EMI in Cambodia, our vision is to play our part in the restoration of the nation.

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I am humbled and grateful for all God has done through us.

At the same time, I recognise it is people who say ‘yes’ to Him and choose to invest their time and resources into this ministry who make EMI possible.

Let’s keep saying ‘yes’. Let’s keep designing hope.

About the banner: The EMI Uganda team celebrates their 20th anniversary. Photo by Nobert Ahumuza.

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