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EMI in Numbers 2019

A review of the past year in people, projects, and finances
EMI Teams background

11 EMI Teams

Map of EMI Teams around the world

Cambodia   Canada   India   MENA   Nicaragua   Senegal   South Africa   Uganda   UK   USA

EMI volunteers background

170 Volunteers

Map of EMI Volunteers around the world

In 2019, EMI volunteers invested over 1600 days in project work.

EMI Interns background

74 Interns

Map of EMI interns around the world
Local Interns background

21 Local Interns

Map of Local EMI Interns around the world

In 2019, EMI interns invested over 270 months in project work.

EMI Staff background

162 Total Staff

Map of EMI Staff around the world
EMI Local Staff background

51 Local Staff

Map of EMI Local Staff around the world

We are:
41 Architects
30 Civil Engineers
29 Electrical, Structural, & Other Engineers
29 Admin, Finance, IT & HR Support
21 Construction Management
7 Fellows
3 Graphic Designers
2 Surveyors

All together, this worldwide team of 162 staff have invested 652 years in the ministry of EMI.

EMI projects in 2019

EMI's Projects in 2019

Construction Management

18 Construction Management

Disaster Response graphic

3 Disaster Response

Hospital graphic

8 Hospitals

Ministry Centers graphic

31 Ministry Centers

Housing graphic

17 Orphanages & Housing

Other graphic

7 Other

Schools graphic

20 Schools

Survey graphic

1 Survey Practicum

Water graphic

4 Water

All projects graphic

In 2019, EMI was involved on a total of 109 design and construction projects for ministries in 30 countries.

EMI finances in 2019

EMI's Finances in 2019

EMI Income background
Total Income pie graphic

Total Income
US $12,542,151

Total Donations pie graphic


Cash Donations
US $7,972,490

Interest pie graphic


Interest & Other
US $146,742

Contributed Services pie graphic


Contributed Services
US $4,422,919

The value of Contributed Services is calculated from Volunteer Hours; see EMI USA Financial Statement for details.

EMI Expenses background
Expenses Total pie graphic

Total Expenses
US $12,627,184

Fundraising pie graphic


US $520,041

General and Admin pie graphic


General & Admin
US $1,659,455

Program Services pie graphic


Program Services
US $10,447,688


EMI in Numbers, 2019

Projects and people include all EMI locations.

Financial information compiled from audited financial statements or official statements of accounts which include the following 9 EMI teams:

EMI Canada • EMI Global • EMI India • EMI MENA • EMI Nicaragua • EMI Senegal • EMI Uganda • EMI UK • EMI USA

  • Photos: Morgan Cannon, Jenni Keiter, Nathan Massey, Anna Seeley, Dan Slegh
  • Graphics: Anna Seeley
  • Editor: MJC
  • Published: 15-June-2020

Help EMI teams weather the COVID-19 storm!

EMI is raising US$120,000 to aid our teams in Uganda, Cambodia, MENA, India, Senegal, and Nicaragua to weather COVID-19.

Your support will help us come out on the other side healthy, strong, and ready to engage in God’s work for us.